Ferne Lichter



Ein Film von Vanessa Nica Mueller, 2006, 13.54 Minuten, 35mm Diapositive transformiert auf DV PAL, Gitarre: Lutz Nikolas Kratzer, Tonschnitt: Paul Schejtt.

Interviews mit Abraham Madeisker, Eti, Julie Mont Charmont u.w

„Far Lights“ is a melancholic journey through a foreign country. All interviews and images -captured during half a year living abroad – are surrounding the question:  What is feeling at home? My main intension was to visualize a journey which reflects an inner feeling in the outside world. This film is more a reconstruction of a mood than a classical documentary. „Far Lights“ reflects something generally human, the longing to have a place where you belong.

„The Journey I took is an impossible one, because only foreigners could travel so freely. „

(Drehorte: Israel, Jordanien, Palest. Gebiete)

in Kooperation mit der Bezalel Academy for Arts & Design

& Karl H Ditze Stipendium für Internationale Mobilität

Dokumentarfilmfestival Kassel, 2006

Künstlerhaus Sottbörn, Kleine Gesellschaft für Hören und Sehen, 2022